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Happy to welcome you!

Sun-eo, a graphic communications agency based in Reims, helps you gain credibility and visibility to attract new users, promote your events, highlight your actions, with a coherent visual identity and supports communication in accordance with your objectives.

What do we do?

Do you want to communicate about a new project, a service, an event, a product? You have the desire to promote your approach and your message accurately? Our different facets will allow us to provide you with the solutions that suit you and are the most creative.

Brand identity

Creation/redesign of logo and graphic charter (framework of its use, rules to respect, color codes, graphic elements, typographies ).


Communication media

Development of all media allowing you to communicate your messages (business card, flyer, poster, announcement, poster, brochure, leaflet, kakemono, flag, signage, flocking, etc.).



A novel, an article, a poster, a calendar, a game, a portrait to take? Call Sun-eo.

Packaging / Advertising objects

Do you want to stand out with promotional items and creative and original packaging? Contact us!

Competition analysis

Sun-eo advises you and analyzes the history, positioning, target, personality of your company.


Nous vous offrons un accompagnement pour l’impressions de vos supports et objets tout en nous adaptant à votre budget.


Why this mascot?

The octopus symbolizes adaptability, flexibility and intelligence. In addition, it is decorated with a lot of shapes and colors.

Sun-eo is a creative company that is able to adapt to different markets and audiences.

I am Céline, graphic designer & illustrator. Always passionate about art, we help your business stand out!

I spend time with you to fully understand your request, I analyze the competition,

I look for the best graphic solutions and I develop your project with the creation of several tracks.

Graphic art surrounds us and it is my job to make it admirable in your eyes

Latest achievements

When you want to communicate, the most important thing is to make yourself understood. Having a design specific to your project allows you to both stand out but also to display an image consistent with your activity. Sun-eo adapts to all sectors of activity and all issues


We are a graphic designer but also an illustrator. We therefore create original, classic, humorous illustrations for your communication media.

Charadesign, press, cover, children’s book, mascot, banner, corporate comic.


We thank our customers for their trust.

“Professional work which has an extraordinary rendering and was greatly appreciated, my loved ones found its features remarkably precise and were very impressed, a total success for the Christmas surprise. Céline is very attentive, extremely patient, has an eye for detail, a perfectionist, a wonderful writer. ”

Lucie L.

“Sun-eo was able to work efficiently and punctually to respond to our last minute requests. A dynamic, hardworking, organized, punctual and discreet agency. In addition, she demonstrates a concern for work in order to produce documents that meet our requirements.”

M. Fortune

Ready to bring your ideas to life?


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